Friday, May 16, 2008

Bose - Acoustimass® 16 Series II

This will be a good pair for my last post of sony bravia.

You’ll absolutely fell in love with these speakers. These things absolutely pack a huge sound in a small package, and they look incredible as well. The only thing is the center sub seems flawlessly matched with the satellites, but at the same time it does overwhelm the smaller speakers.

The environment fashioned by this setup as part of a home theater structure is astonishing. Obviously its way cooler when watching an action or war movie to hear the sounds of the battle raging all around you, but what really gives me chills is the things you pick up during a quiet scene. A dog barking in the distance that sounds like its coming from outside your house. A twig snapping to the left. Subtle breathing from behind. That's what really makes this setup shine, it performs equally well putting you in the center of a raging battle as it does having you hiding in the jungle listening for the sound of footsteps.

Buy it, you will not be regretful with this system!

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