Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sony - BRAVIA XBR 70"

sony bravia xbr
I was roaming around websites when i saw this huge flat-panel lcd tv.

I couldn't imagine this enormously 70" would fit into our small living room. However, it would take many many years for my parents to afford this kind of thing. We all know that bigger is always better and very much good in gaming. But some would say we'll watch blu-ray instead of standard dvd's because if you arent you are wasting a beautiful thing!! There is nothing wrong with this TV at all.I guess the only con is that it will make everything you used to do in your spare time a thing of the past.

This TV is so good i would recommend it to everyone who could afford to buy it for me. I think watching sports on this thing are really amazing and its like you have court side seats because TV is really really big.


Anonymous said...

That's my dream tv. hehehe.

Ralph paki click lang ang 'see who link here'

Thanks ha...have a wonderful week ahead.

Anonymous said...

same tayo ng dream tv hehe

Anonymous said...

Thank u very much...ralph. soon i am going to add blogroll in my blog. u would be the first one.

by the way i love sony-bravia. lol how much square fit of ur house???

Francesca said...

nice tv. :)