Friday, May 9, 2008

Fujifilm Finepix S100FS

To all those photo bloggers out there this one is for you

It has 14x eye-popping super zoom lens. From a landscape-spanning 28mm wideangle setting to a paparazzi-impressing 400mm telephoto its just a simple twist of your wrist, Cool isn’t it?. Basically, it lets you frame roughly any scene entirely, without coming up for a whiny motorized lens to zoom in or having to swap for more powerful glassware. The only downfall is that this a non-digital slr, anyway let me tell what you get for 500$? Behind the crisp (and optically stablised) lens lives a respectable 11MP sensor that can pump out vivid images, red-eye removal technology and smartface detection, plus you can have colour tweaks.
It has 2.5-inch lcd screen which can be fold out for automatic preview, and also you can also shoot VGA movie clips. Other than this it’s much slower and heavier than today’s digital SLR’s.


Anonymous said...

Still Pro Canon :)

Anonymous said...

hehe i have canon powershot g5 and canon a4 i think