Saturday, April 26, 2008

macbook air vs. lenovo thinkpad x300

This is a faceoff between the two of the most sophisticated ulta portable laptops the macbook air vs lenovo thinkpad x300.

In terms of sexiness, this macbook air surely wins because of its very thin point which is about half an inch that would fit in an envelope. On the other hand, the lenovo thinkpad doesnt taper like the air. Its design might remind you of a thinkpad but it isnt that ugly infact this design is more impressive when it comes to what they pack inside.Most of us users rate this ulta portable laptop between its specifications which one is built for powerfull features, multitasking, image processing and dvd drain tests.

The lenovo x300 has a built-in dvd burner, 3 usb ports, a removable battery, keyboard light, gps, ethernet port for wired connectivity and webcamera. Both have wifi and bluetooth but one of the big things missing in the macbook air is it has no internal optical drive, no removable battery,no ethernet port, only has single usb port and the lcd screen is glossy which is a whole lot more reflective while the lenovo thinkpad has a matte finish. You can still purchase add-ons in the macbook air but who wants to drag them around right. The x300 is rocking a 1.2 ghz core 2 duo has 64gb of solid state drive and 2gigs ram also the macbook air uses 1.2 ghz core 2 duo processor 2 gigs ram but only a conventional 80 gig hard drive. Now who gives us the best bang for the buck, sure these guys are revolutionary laptops but we wanna know if they're worth the dough we're droppin for them ,the beat up thinkpad rates up to just $2936 and the base model macbook air is about $1800 the macbook air is about $1000 cheaper. These ultra portables dont come cheap but if you want to be ground breaking hey sometimes you have to pay bank breaking prices. But the finall choice between these to laptops comes down to you.

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Anonymous said...

Great.. I am thinking on buying macbook pro. specially when I saw lots of blogger using it on iblog4 :)