Wednesday, April 23, 2008

my dream pc

my teacher once told me that

desktop computers or even laptops get updated every 3 years. So when you buy a personal computer today by year 2011 it'll obsolete just like you were wearing clothes in the 70's the old-fashioned ones, because those future pc's will overcome the specs of what you have in your pc today. But for now its been an addiction to me watching over those

ing desktop pcs specifically the "alienware area 51". This wonderful and extravagant high-end pc from which uses solid state hard drives for faster rebooting and also a whooping 1 terabyte of storage which means deleting is unnecessary therefore your favourite videos, music and lots of hardcore games will all be stored in one hard drive.

Check out its design ive never seen anything like it. It also comes up with a core 2 duo processor where multitasking is just a piece of cake. Furthermore, it has ded
icated graphics card so that games with high video requirements will be compatible. Burning dvd-roms are effortless because it has speeds up to 20x and this optical drive can read blu-ray disks too. You think thats enough? Discover its 7.1 surround sound high definition audio and theres more it has its own 'alienice' high performance cooling system. oh well, its easy to dream coz its free.


Anonymous said...

needed a new one. hehehe. we put together our own pc's.

By the way about the link, will be up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. Trabaho man gud 8 hrs/day then i don't get home not 'til 6pm. I let you know when its up. Take care. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

ah ok. asa ka work ate?