Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Underpaid Licensed Electronics Engineer

I just got my pay check but looking at the figures makes me wonder if I’ll be happy or sad. No matter what, it’s still a blessing. It’s the fruit of my own blood and sweat.

Working as a Cadet Engineer, I handle both IP CCTV’s and the MotoTrbo radio support specialist. Though the pay is just in range for the minimum bracket, it’s a good experience if I really want to go abroad for a greener pasture. But for now, it’s not my priority yet. I’m aiming to become a millionaire at the age of 35 by just staying here in the country. And I know this is quite ambitious of me, but it’s possible if you really come to think of it. This may not be expected by saving alone, as what my mentor said, “You need to invest".

Investing is the only possible way to climb the ladder of success and be part of Forbes list. That’s what I’m thinking right now and that means saving at least 25000php to be able to trade in the Philippine Stock Exchange(PSE). Another thing, I'm in trouble picking the right stock since I'm no analyst. I just hope 20 years from now my favorite pick will grew not just by 100% but 2000%.

Well, so much of my salary and long term goals in life. I just hope my boss would see and appreciate all my work and increase the pay. I almost forgot today is payday so it’s “pamper-myself-day”. I need to take a break, eat well and get some rest.

Anyways, I gained weight for the last 3 months and this is awful news for me. Since I’ve been back with the blogging business please continue to read my posts. Thank you!


TY said...

Agree with you bro, the ugly side of capitalism. FYI I am a software engineer myself in a semicon company in M'sia. Interested to link exchange with your blog.

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