Tuesday, April 29, 2008

microsoft zune 80gb

the all new microsoft zune

In November of last year, Microsoft released the first-generation zune which is back for the revenge of the iPod. Typically with a new design, wireless connectivity, higher capacity , larger screen, the all new 80Gb Zune is to end with giving everyone a true substitute to the iPod. The Microsoft Zune of course is not without its fans, the device came to characterize the awkwardness at marketing itself as hip.

Measuring 4.3 inches high by 2.4 inches wide by 0.5 inch deep, that’s really slim figure just like compared to a super model. Its more like of a pocket-worthy form, and as ive observed the improvements to the Zune’s hardware design are its screen and navigation pad. .The 80GB Zune's lavishly large LCD screen leaves the 2.5-inch screen of the iPod Classic in the dust. Its new glass screen not only affords the device a stylish feel, but it also gives a more scratch-resistant surface with less optical distortion than the ubiquitous plastic variety.
- Wi-Fi music sharing
- high-quality photo viewer
- RBDS(Radio Broadcast Data System) -enabled FM radio
- subscription music support
- wide-screen video playback
- composite video output

The only drawback to zune is its built-in wifi –antenna, we’ll as a laptop owner it sucks a lot of juice and can destroy battery performance. Unfortunately, its battery life is only average compared to its competitor the iPod Classic.

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